Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Hey everyone,
So remember that picture yesterday of me standing in long sleeves? Well here is me today with Kate...
iceland 4 009
I'm wearing two pairs of pants and 3 jackets!! I've been informed that it was 7 degrees Celcius, but I'm not really sure what that is in Farenheit. Today I dug in a midden (trash pit) of a farm. Most of the stuff was from the last century so its definitely not Viking age but there was still a lot of cool stuff. I found a horse skeleton!! Well, so far only the skull but still not too shabby. Digging here is pretty different from New England but its fun. The restaurant that we eat at every night made hamburgers and french fries for the Fourth (I ate the fries:) ). Yeah, not a lot is new but I'll be sure to update soon!

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jo said...

Tess, congratulations on finding the horse skull! Did he have a coin with a date in his saddlebag?

E-Z way to convert from Celsisus to Fahrenheit: in a Google search box, type "7 C in F", and you'll get the answer!