Monday, July 2, 2007

I made it to Iceland! We got in around 6:30pm EST and 10:30 Iceland time.
The flight was just the beginning of our trip, as it is was still a 4 hour drive
to the town where we are staying. Even though it was so late at night when
we got here it was still fairly light out. It looks like dusk kind of at home,
or maybe more like the really early hours of dawn. We stopped at a viking
ship you could walk around and then on to the house of some friends of my
professor. They were a really nice couple and had a meal of pancakes and
creampuffs out on the table for us when we got there. Then we drove straight
to Saudorkrokur. I slept on and off a lot of the way but the landscape
was really beautiful so I didn't want to fall asleep. There are little
Icelandic ponies everywhere and lots of sheep and goats. There are even
swans. I was surprised that when we drove through Keflavik and Reykjavik
that so many things looked so American. There are Ruby Tuesdays, Burger Kings
and huge car dealerships. As we got out of the cities things began to
look more different. The landscape is just amazing every way you look.
We arrived in Saudorkrokur around 5:30 Icelandic time. We are staying in
a dorm style building with shared bedrooms and bathrooms. I am sharing a
room with my friend Marisa and she helped get me set up. I went to sleep
for a few hours and woke up at 10am. Everything feels like a time warp!
I still feel like no days have gone by since I left on Sunday morning,
but at the same time it seems like a lifetime ago. After resting up for a
little while our professor took us on a little tour around the area to
show us some of the archaeological sites we will be working on. Tonight
we are going to go swimming, take showers (yay we haven't had one of those
since Sunday morning in Boston), and eat dinner at the restaurant that will
be feeding us for the whole trip. Anyway, I have to go now. We don't have
internet connection in the house we are staying, but there is a nearby lab
we can go to to check emails and stuff. I miss everyone so much already,
I'll be in touch through email!

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Anonymous said...

Bring me back a goat! Alive as a pet, or dead as dinner.

-- little bro