Thursday, July 5, 2007

Today was rainy and cold but pretty good. I was working in the midden again and we found more horse skulls! It started sleeting a little at the end of the day so we went in early. The hot tub felt pretty good today after working in that cold. So far I know about four Icelandic words Ja (same as Dutch for yes), kunst (same as Dutch for art), smjor (butter), and takk (thank you). I'm practically fluent as you can see. Tomorrow I think I will be working at a different site (there are several sitese here going at the same time) doing geophysical testing of some sort. Its crazy to look up from work and see the mountains all around you and the vast fields. The horses here are really cool and I hope that we can go horseback riding soon. There are horses and livestock everywhere and sometimes they will be right there on the site. The birds here are also really cool. One of the people on the dig told me the names of some but I can't even begin to spell them.
I know the little weather box on the righthand side there says the town of Blondous, but I am actually in the town of Saudorkrokur (there are accents in there my computer can't even handle) which is a little ways away but the weather website doesnt have it. I think thats it for now- back later!


Rodrigo said...

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Jon Claerbout said...
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Jon Claerbout said...

I think you are here

but I'm not able to test it yet.

Tess the Red said...

Yep, that's us!