Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's been a couple of days so lets see whats new. We worked really hard today clearing turf off a site we plan to dig soon. Lots of shoveling and I even got to use a scyth which was fun. Luckily the weather was very sunny so it wasn't too bad. Today at dinner they served a kind of lamb which I can't spell in Icelandic, but basically its a leg of lamb smoked in sheep dung. It smelled pretty pungent. I eat sooo well here, lots of good food. Lots of sweets too! I am planning to go back horseback riding again on Sunday if the weather isn't too bad (well, even if it is). I think if I could do that every day that would be heaven. We might try to go to some nearby town or something too this weekend if we don't have to work on Saturday. The town we are in now is pretty small and I think I'm ready to see a few new things. hmmmm. I can't think of too many new things right now. A couple of cool things that are different here:
All of the farms have their own names, but no street address. Many houses in the towns too.
There is no word for Please in Icelandic.
The word for "goodbye" and "bless you" is Bless
People drive like maniacs here
Pop music here is horrible!

Thats all for now!

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jo said...

Lousy pop music? Say it ain't so, Bjork!