Friday, July 20, 2007

So, believe it or not, I do actually do some work while I'm here. Per request, I am posting a couple of shots to prove this. The past couple of days I have been doing a lot of coring, which is basically when you take a meter long pole and stick it in the ground and then pull it up. What comes up is a sequence of deposits and strata which gives you a good idea of what is happening in that area. It is good to use when you want to see what is in the ground, but don't want to dig out a lot of pits in the process.
Yesterday we went on an interesting, if not somewhat random, tour of a nearby fish factory. Tomorrow morning we are going on an overnight trip to the Southeast part of the country to see some famous things like the Althing (a huge rift in the earth where the Vikings used to meet to settle disputes and make marriages etc.), the Geyser, and a glacier.

The site at Medalheimur

A core- in this one you can see a layers of different deposits including turf and midden.

Here is a picture of me screening for artifacts at the site Stora-Seyla. Taken by Jess.

And here is some serious troweling, also courtesy of Jess!

As always, you can see ALL my amazing pictures on my flickr page, as linked to on the right!

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Laz said...

Hoooray! that's the hard-working icelandic girl we know!